Month: May 2020

Image displaying two different art graphics inside frames
Budget Posters

Posters for Students

A number of printing companies offers variety of choices on papers for all posters for students. Specially trained staff will print your artwork with care to make sure the colours and quality is on point. Collections from stores are usually cheaper, making them very-competitive on price. We recommend printing your […]

Poster printing for students & professionals on a budget
Budget Posters


A lot of businesses offers standard poster printing options which are perfect for students and they allow you to choose between matte or satin finishes making it ideal for those on a tight budget. Standard posters are printed onto 170gsm paper with more options available. You can choose to print […]

Featured image of Matte Poster Printing Material
Poster Print Materials

Satin Finish

The middle ground to gloss and matte, satin photo papers provides the right amount on shine on your poster and helps to showcase the details and colours of your stunning graphics. Free from glare, satin finish is perfect for showing off details on photograph and illustrations. Being a reflective material […]