Poster Frames

If you’re looking for poster frame your gorgeous poster print and hang it on the wall then you have a few choices. 

Some people will prefer to stick their poster print on the wall with a tape or glue but it’s much better to frame your poster as it will make it look finished, high-quality and professional. Do not disgrace your hours of designing and printing that poster by simply sticking it on the wall or tape, make it meaningful by framing it.

Although there is a number of different varieties of poster frames on the market. Printers usually stock only two types of frames, Tappa and wooden frames.

Tappa Frames:

An innovative frame designed to operate with ease. Tappa frames feature an innovative opening on the front so you can hang and or change your poster without having to remove the frame from the wall.

Tappa frames are a great way to renew your poster time to time when you have a new product or promotion without having to buy new frames.

You can operate them with very little effort to professionally display your poster printing. Tappa frames can be used outdoor as well because they’re made from anodized aluminium. You can choose a black or silver finish to better suit your environment and design of the poster.

Standard wooden frames:

 The wooden frames give your viewer the traditional classic look of your poster. The high-quality wooden frames range in black, white, silver, oak and brushed silver finishes. You can choose how you want to feature your poster to the viewer. The acrylic glaze used in these frames is much harder to break and if broken accidently, they’re less hazardous.


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