Large Size Poster Printing

What are large size posters?

Large size poster printing is a great way to promote any business, organisation or an event. All of the large posters at Reload Internet in Paddington are printed in high quality 8-ink a printer and in full colour on sizes A0, A1, A2 and many more sizes. Custom sizes are available on up to 33 x 46 inches on the basis of the required poster size.

Typical Size guide to large posters:

Technically the smallest size of the poster is A3 which is twice the size of the standard A4 paper. A3 poster printing is typically used for bulletin billboards, flyers and for hanging it on the wall of businesses and homes. The biggest size that most printers offer for poster printing is A0 which is the standard for promoting an event; advertise a launch of a new product, price guide on a shop, etc…

Promote Businesses with Large posters:

With eye-catching graphics and messages, posters are everywhere across the country. Posters are an amazing way to promote special events, special offers, products and more to spread awareness of your business.  With quick turnaround time, businesses can print your poster in full colour or black and white in high quality for you to collect it the same or next day collection.

Extra Large Format Posters:

Extra Large format posters are a great way to promote any business, organisation or an event.

  • Options of thin, medium and think papers for temporary or long-term uses. Starting from 170gsm paper.
  • Silk finish that is perfect for indoor use which offers a luxurious cloth like material and it adds a touch of high quality feel to your posters which is great for businesses and exhibitions and students so they take advantage of silk papers for showing off their work.
  • Satin – This adds a slight sheen to your poster, making it perfect for photographers and advertisers. Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Matte An ideal finish for posters with number of text and images. A cheap alternative for those on a budget.
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