A1 Poster

A1 Poster size: 594 x 841mm

Although it’s not the largest poster in the “A” sized poster, A1 is still large enough to make an impact without being overwhelmed by the smaller sizes like A2 or A3. Big enough to contain a few sentence of text readable from a few feet away and a graphic or two, A1 poster printing is an alternative to A0 if you’re limited on space.

You can print your A1 poster on your choice of paper from standard to premium range. Using latest high quality equipment and printing technique, you can print your poster on a choice of matt, gloss or satin finish according to your need.

Latest range of poster printers uses 8-colour HP or Epson ink to print your poster that is perfect for museum quality prints. We recommend A1 for CAD drawings and fine art prints. For extra durability you can choose to add lamination on top of your matte, gloss or satin poster print. A1 poster prints are most likely qualified for bulk discount on large orders with most printers across the country.

A1 Poster Printing in London for:

  • A1 academic posters
  • A1 conference posters
  • A1 event posters
  • A1 university poster
  • A1 PhD posters
  • A1 Student posters

For students and professionals on a budget, there are a verity of paper sizes and finishes to suit your need. We recommend printing your A1 poster on a satin paper as it has a slight texture and shine to make your poster look professional and outstanding in a crowd. It looks amazing under bright lights at a presentation. Matte is also a good option if you need a non-reflective coating on your poster or if you wish to write on it.

The exact size of an A1 poster is trimmed to 594 x 841mm

Explanation of the Finishes on A1 Poster:

  • Matte Coated A1 Paper – This is a non-reflective flat white A1 paper that’s similar to the standard type of home paper most people are used to. Poster printing Matte paper is much thicker than the standard paper which is coated in special white finish to help your poster appear brighter and pop out.
  • Satin Coated A1 Paper – This is a slightly reflective premium A1 photo paper that has a slight texture and ads shine to your poster. It does not reflect as much as Gloss Coated Paper so it’s easy to read under bright lit environments. This is recommended for most professional look.
Poster Print MaterialsIf you’re looking for poster frame your gorgeous poster print and hang it on the wall then you have a few choices.  Some people will prefer to stick their poster print on the wall with a tape or glue but it’s much better to frame your poster as it will make it look finished, high-quality and professional. Do not disgrace your hours of designing and printing that poster by simply sticking it on the wall or tape, make it meaningful by framing it. Although there is a number of different varieties of poster frames on the market. Printers usually stock only two types of frames, Tappa and wooden frames. Tappa Frames: An innovative frame designed to operate with ease. Tappa frames feature an innovative opening on the front so you can hang and or change your poster without having to remove the frame from the wall. Tappa frames are a great way to renew your poster time to time when you have a new product or promotion without having to buy new frames. You can operate them with very little effort to professionally display your poster printing. Tappa frames can be used outdoor as well because they’re made from anodized aluminium. You can choose a black or silver finish to better suit your environment and design of the poster. Standard wooden frames:  The wooden frames give your viewer the traditional classic look of your poster. The high-quality wooden frames range in black, white, silver, oak and brushed silver finishes. You can choose how you want to feature your poster to the viewer. The acrylic glaze used in these frames is much harder to break and if broken accidently, they’re less hazardous. [...]
Poster Print MaterialsWhat is double sided and edge to edge useful for? If you’re printing a poster or a Vinyl to display it on a window or on a street then do not settle for single sided print. Double sided printing has more exposure to be seen by a potential customer than a single sided print.  A lot of poster printing company’s offers posters and vinyl printing on double sided for that very same reason. This is also ideal if you’re going to hang your artwork up on a street where it can be seen from both sides of the street. Graphics can also be printed on a range of different choices of materials, sizes and pager weights. To better suit the material, sizes of articles and graphics can also be customised if needed. The standard A3 posters usually start at around £2. A2 at £16 and A1 at £21 for standard 170gsm matte finish. Prices may vary between different companies. Most companies will offer discounts on multiple orders. Acquiring new customers and maintaining the returning ones are essential for a thriving business.  Most businesses develop and roll out exciting and new marketing strategies that suits their needs and to achieve their goals. Poster printing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Here is more information on that. Edge to Edge printing: Unlike normal laser jet printers, poster printers are cable of printing precise edge to edge posters. Sensors on modern large poster printers are cable of precisely aligning the paper so they can print edge to edge without any border at all. Any border left behind at the end of a print is trimmed off with guillotine for a flawless and borderless poster. Want to print your poster on double sided & Edge to Edge? We click here for our recommended printer in London. [...]
Poster Print MaterialsGloss finish is perfect for showing off colours on photo-like posters as they reflect a good amount of colours. They’re very also useful in poorly lit low-light environment. Unlike matte finish, Gloss photo papers attract dirt and finger prints so covering in glass or plastic is advisable. The drawback to gloss poster: They can reflect too much light underbrightly lit environment which makes it difficult to see. Vibrant and high-quality poster prints with colours that really pop.Available in 7 different sizes and 4 different paper stock finishes.Perfect for displaying on walls, windows, walls and notice boards.Protect from water damage and avoid tears with lamination. Looking for great quality poster printing on an unbeatable price and quick turnaround time in London? We recommend Reload Internet in Paddington just across the famous Paddington Station. Sure you can order your poster online and wait for delivery. but high quality poster printing and getting the right specification is not always guaranteed with online orders, especially if your order is not according to your liking. Do not waste your time. Reload Internet has been in the printing business for 20 years and they know their customer needs. Their machinery feature resolution of up to 1440 dpi for stunning posters on the choice of your finishing such as; Matte, gloss or satin. Not only they feature premium and budget quality materials but they can price-match any of their competitors across the UK. The available posters sizes are A0, A1, A2, A3, A4. custom sizes up to 841mm in width and 1189mm in height. They also offer sstandard A3 & A4 printing for any occasion along with photo printing and many other services. If you require more information about printing poster or printing in general you can contact reload. See Matte, Satin and more here. [...]
Poster Print MaterialsIt’s exactly what it says. Blue back finish is a poster printing material which is usually white on the front finished with matte, gloss or satin coating with blue coating on the back. The blue coating is designed to block any type of light shining through. It’s especially useful if you’re planning to stick your poster up on your window. Blue back coating is normally used in bill boards as they’re very useful in blocking harsh sunlight shining through it and disrupting the content on the front. The wide range of budget posters are usually 170gsm and they’re too thin to block any light coming from behind. Tis does not matter if you’re planning to stick your poster on a blank wall or on a frame. Advantages of Blue Back finish:  Blue Back material is a type of poster printing paper which is typically white on the front and blue on the back. This is to prevent light from shining through the paper. It is very useful when you want to stick your poster on a window or over another poster. Blue-back will come in handy if you don’t want to see the older poster overlapping onto the new one. Blue back is the most durable material out of Satin and Matte. It is tear-proof, scratch-proof & water resistant. It is currently the industry standard for outdoor signage as it’s water-resistant and reduces shine. This material is very environmentally friendly as its plastic free and FSC certified. This material is typically available from 200gsm weight. Looking to print poster? Click here for our recommended print shop in London. Read more about other poster printing materials here. Key advantages: Water-resistantScratch resistantUncoated materialPlastic-free [...]
Poster Print MaterialsWhat is a paper weight in poster printing? In general a poster paper weight (GSM) needs to be at least 170gsm in order to handle the weight and to prevent damage easily, however; most modern printers are cable of handling paper weights up to 700gsm. Big industrial printers are capable of handling more than 700gsm depending on the needs. Most common paper weights: These sheet-based posters are typically available in these weights: 90 – 120gsm120 – 170gsm200 – 300gsm300-400gsm Do not mistake GSM for the thickness or stiffness of the paper, these paper weights are measured in GSM or grams per square meter which is measured by the weight of a piece of paper measuring 1 meter by 1 meter. GSM is not measured by the thickness of the paper, although heavier papers typically tend to be thicker. Guide to each paper weight: 90 to 120gsm: Too light to be used on poster printing, 90 to 120gsm papers are what you’ll use on normal laser jet or ink jet printers for printing in A3, A4 and A5. This is a low cost option ideal for letterhead or other material they you can write on.120 to 170gsm: The cheapest and lightest option for poster printing, 120 to 170gsm is slightly thicker than 120gsm. It is also ideal for printing flyers; take away menus, event flyers and information sheets on a budget. Despite being low-cost, it looks and feels premium on any chosen finish.200 to 300gsm: Where look and feel really matters, 200 to 300gsm is the ideal weight of paper for poster printing. It’s a thick and sturdy paper which can feel like magazine when printed on glossy finish.300 to 400gsm: Perfect for street hand-outs, night club flyers, wedding or event invitation and business cards, 300 to 400gsm is close to card stock. Posters printed on these weights are usually priced on the premium range. Posters with various weigth can be puched with these finishes: Silk finish that is perfect for indoor use which offers a luxurious cloth like material which adds a touch of high quality feel to your posters.Satin – This adds a slight sheen to your poster, making it perfect for photographers and advertisers. Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses.Matte – An ideal finish for posters with number of text and images. A cheap alternative for those on a budget. Photographic posters can be printed onto any custom sizes up to 33 x 46 inches. Photographs require punchy and saturated colours. Most poster printing companies use industry standard HP high quality metal-like inks combined with photographic paper to print your photographic posters. [...]

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