Don’t have a design for you poster yet? Here is a design Guide

Technology has become a long way and it has become easy for anyone without a design skill to design a unique design of poster for their business or personal use.

Software like Adobe Spark offers free and premium poster templates that you can customise to your need. Printers like Reload Internet offers on-sight designers who can design your poster for you.

Based on your need they can quote you the labour price based on your needs.

Tips for designing your poster:

The key to designing a gorgeous poster is to keep it simple. As human we tend to overlook things when there are too much information presented, after all we only remember 5% of anything that we learn thought the day.

Too much text on a poster can be off-putting to a viewer and most readers prefer information at a bite-size that they can digest easily. Make the relevant information bold and clear.

For example; start time of an event, dates, address, price and names. Try and use vibrant colours to make your poster standout in a crowd. If you have any text on your poster, make sure to use the opposite colour to your background on your text so it doesn’t blend in.

Finally, use a clean font so viewers have no difficulty reading your text. Do not use funky fonts like comic sans unless it suits your theme.

Struggling to design your poster?

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to life with your poster but you do not have the patience or resources to design them? Not a problem!

Almost all the printers across have professional on sight designers who can design your poster for you with fraction of the design cost that you would pay for a freelance to design your poster for you.

Simply explain your vision to the designer and they will quote you the price for designing and printing your poster based on the time it takes to designing and printing your poster.

You can submit any asset you have to them such as logo of the company, images of the product or any type of imager that you would like to feature on your poster.  Don’t worry; they will always make sure that you’re happy with the design of your poster before printing them.

Do you want to design it yourself?

Software like Adobe Spark is designed just for that purpose.

With a paid subscription you can choose from thousands of poster templates on their website and customize it according to your liking. The tools are easy to operation so you don’t need to be a pro to operate it.

Once you’re done, simply export them and email it to your local print shop to be printed.

If you have the design skills to create it from scratch, we recommend Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator which can be purchased with monthly or yearly subscription.

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