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Do custom printed poster fit into any standard frames?

You must not purchase frames that are too small for your poster but any frames larger than your poster must fit without a problem.

How are custom posters printed?

Modern machinery allows any custom sizes as long as they’re within the largest size the machine is capable of printing.

The results of the modern printers are crisp and vibrant.

What is a blue back paper?

Blue back papers are generally coated in blue to prevent light from shining through it.

This is usually helpful if you’re planning to stick your poster on a shop front window or on top of another existing poster or graffiti. It also adds durability to your poster, especially for outdoor uses. This is why billboards typically use blue back paper.

What are poster rails and are they useful?

Poster rails are a lightweight and portable display option that looks sleek and profession for any occasion. They’re especially designed accessory for vertically designed posters to be hung on.

Poster rails usually comes with two long tabs of plastic or aluminium. This means you can slide each tab onto bottom or top of your custom poster.

The tabs usually have pre-drilled holes that you can hang your hang your poster onto using string, hooks, rope of suction cups.

They’re of course very useful as they’re extremely lightweight thanks to the material that they’re made of and potable so you can set it up anywhere depending on your need.

What is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene or SyntiSOL is a plastic paper with satin coating that is perfect for use in outdoor as it’s extremely weather-proof and durable.

It provides excellent print quality but we recommend this material for poster printing to be viewed from close range as point-of-sale display and entrance poster. If used correctly, this material is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

What is the best-selling poster size?

The best-selling poster size for students and businesses is A2 which is precisely trimmed to 594mm x 420mm. It can be comfortably viewed from a distance and it’s affordable enough for short-term uses. The A2 poster print is a great way to advertise your event or promotion.

To make it even more affordable, most printers offer bulk discount on many of their A2 poster printing options like Matte, Satin or Gloss finish

. Your A2 poster can be printed on a very high 1440 dpi printer using your choice of material and finishing options.

You can also choose to laminate your poster on matte, gloss or dry-wipe finish for extra durability.

Poster printers across London use genuine 8-ink HP or Epson ink which feature high-contrast, vibrant look to your A2 poster so you can be sure to get the best quality and value for your money.

Want a more premium and durable poster? Why not upgrade the thickness of the printing paper from the standard 170gsm to 280gsm or even 400gsm. See printing material for more information

What is a larger poster?

Small shops and businesses have no use for large posters, however; there are two other larger poster sizes.

The first poster size is approximately 69cm by 102cm which is a sheet-based printing that is typically used for advertising movies in cinema. 

The second large poster size is 102cm by 152cm which is also a sheet-based poster that’s usually used for advertising on bus stops and malls.

What is offset printing?

Offset printing is by far the most widely used method, although there are several other known processes for poster printing. Offset lithography is a technique that involves the use of plates. These plates represent each plate that is used in printing a poster. Some standard poster printers use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) colours while other printers use two colour processes. Offset lithography may require the use of special colours in addition to the CMYK colours in some cases.

What is the easiest way to print a poster?

The easiest way to print your artwork is to email it to the print shops. Alternatively you can also take your artwork on a memory stick to their store. Alongside cash and card payments, most businesses also accept PayPal as a mode of payment nowadays.

Printers usually process your order as soon payment is made which means you can collect your order on the same day if ordered before a certain time of the day or next day morning collection is also available. Most businesses can also deliver your poster order next day nationwide.

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