Double Sided & Edge to Edge

What is double sided and edge to edge useful for?

If you’re printing a poster or a Vinyl to display it on a window or on a street then do not settle for single sided print.

Double sided printing has more exposure to be seen by a potential customer than a single sided print.  A lot of poster printing company’s offers posters and vinyl printing on double sided for that very same reason. This is also ideal if you’re going to hang your artwork up on a street where it can be seen from both sides of the street.

Graphics can also be printed on a range of different choices of materials, sizes and pager weights.

To better suit the material, sizes of articles and graphics can also be customised if needed.

The standard A3 posters usually start at around £2. A2 at £16 and A1 at £21 for standard 170gsm matte finish. Prices may vary between different companies. Most companies will offer discounts on multiple orders.

Acquiring new customers and maintaining the returning ones are essential for a thriving business.  Most businesses develop and roll out exciting and new marketing strategies that suits their needs and to achieve their goals. Poster printing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Here is more information on that.

Edge to Edge printing:

Unlike normal laser jet printers, poster printers are cable of printing precise edge to edge posters. Sensors on modern large poster printers are cable of precisely aligning the paper so they can print edge to edge without any border at all. Any border left behind at the end of a print is trimmed off with guillotine for a flawless and borderless poster.

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