Satin Finish

The middle ground to gloss and matte, satin photo papers provides the right amount on shine on your poster and helps to showcase the details and colours of your stunning graphics. Free from glare, satin finish is perfect for showing off details on photograph and illustrations.

Being a reflective material like Gloss, smudges can be visible on satin paper but not as much as Gloss so a protective later is not necessary for this type of poster.

Advantages of Satin finish:

Satin papers achieve high-contrast and better vibrant colour than an uncoated paper like matte. Satin gives you high quality and vibrant poster prints. For enhanced colours and extra durability you can also add matte and gloss coating from some prints shops. Satin papers are typically available from 190gsm to 400gsm.

For a premium feel, select to print your poster on 300gsm satin paper which is perfect for rich, high contract and vibrant poster. Satin finish is also perfect for photographic prints for use in exhibition, wedding venue and photography shows.  Satin is also FSC certified recyclable material so it’s environmentally friendly.

Key advantages:

  • Photographic material
  • Vibrant & high contrast
  • Enhanced colours
  • Reflective material
  • Environmentally friendly

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