Month: May 2020

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Poster Print Materials

Matte Finish

Matte finish is most popular with short-term use temporary posters as they’re cheaper and affordable than the other two. As they reflect almost no light, they’re perfect for black & white posters. They’re also less detailed posters that are perfect in almost any lighting situation. Matte posters also beneficial for […]

Material guide to Poster Printing
Poster Print Materials


Here is the material guide to Posters: There are hundreds of poster printing material in the world of Poster printing. Most popular ones are the ones listed here. Please click to read more information on a particular material guide below. Although poster printing has many uses, there are handful of […]

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Poster Prints Sizes

A4 Poster

A4 Poster size: 210 x 297mm Well, techically A4 can’t be consided a poster because it’s the standed print size for typical day to day print, poster printing machies can actully print your poster on A4 size on any chosen finish like all other poster print out sizes. With a […]

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Poster Prints Sizes

A3 Poster

A3 Poster size: 297 x 420mm A3 Poster Printing in London for: For students and professionals on a budget, there are a verity of paper sizes and finishes to suit your need. We recommend printing your A3 poster on a satin paper as it has a slight texture and shine […]

Guide to A2 Poster Printing
Poster Prints Sizes

A2 Poster

A2 Poster size: 420 x 594mm Looking for something just the right size to advertise your business or product on a limited space? Why not print your graphic on A2 poster and make a statement. Whether you want to announce a themed night, an upcoming event or simply need to […]

Guide to A1 Poster Printing
Poster Prints Sizes

A1 Poster

A1 Poster size: 594 x 841mm Although it’s not the largest poster in the “A” sized poster, A1 is still large enough to make an impact without being overwhelmed by the smaller sizes like A2 or A3. Big enough to contain a few sentence of text readable from a few […]

Guide to A0 Poster Printing
Poster Prints Sizes

A0 Poster

A0 Poster size: 841 x 1189mm The perfect size to grab your viewer’s attention: Grab your viewers’ attention from far and near with bold and bright A0 posters. Whether you’re looking to advertise for the opening of your restaurant, new retail shop, or any type of business. In general posters […]