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A Poster is a print of notice or picture that you stick on a board or wall. It is most commonly used to advertise something but students and individuals also benefit from poster for showing off their work or to simply display something on their bedroom or living room wall.

Advertising through poster printing is considered one of the best marketing tools. They’re easy to design thanks to the huge variety of templates available and simple to order. Different from other method of advertising, a well-designed and well-placed poster can be visually stunning to the audience as much as any other forms of advertising.

By ordering your poster printing with a local printer can give you the opportunity to print two or more different designs for the same price. If you’re going to plant an idea or a product into the viewer’s mind, make it loud and proud with poster printing your advertisement. It is the most beautiful way to capture and keep the attention of your viewer.

Posters are also available in handy A4 and A3 sizes so you have a number of add-ons to add to your already existing larger poster for your promotion or event. Celebrate your designs by poster printing them and really go to with a bold and vibrant poster that will generate interest in the viewer of the product that you’re promoting.

Looking to impress your client and customers with a big and bold poster? The larger A0, A1 & A2 posters are your ticket. These posters are printed on papers starting with a  weight of 180gms paper all the way up to the thinness of 700gsm. From big A3 size to bigger A2 & A1 to the biggest A0 size, these posters are sure to catch the eye of your viewer.

Poster printings are also a great option to share news and information to your audience about an upcoming event or a promotion of a product. Give attention to detail and go up a step further with outdoor poster printing that is an alternative to banner printing and ideal for higher volume usage.

Make sure to protect your poster from fading in harsh sunlight with UV resistant inks that are printed on water proof materials to resist the ever-changing UK weather. The combination of UV resistant inks and water-proof materials can protest your precious poster from rain, snow and scorching sunlight.

What are the benefits of poster printing?

  1. Technology has come a long way and thanks to the advanced computer and printing technology in the recent years printing posters are cheaper and more affordable than ever before. It is not possible to consult a professional designer to design your poster for you even if you’re not well versed in graphics design. If fact some poster printing companies has on-sight designer who can design and print your poster on-sight according to your need to meet your target audience.
  2. If you’re after brand visibility, posters can be a great way. They have more foot-traffic in locations such as train stations, bus stops, side of a building or even on the side of motorways. Companies have been using these hotspots for decades to improve their brand visibility.
  3. Posters are high versatile tool for marketing a business or a product. For example, a number of advertisers use QR codes on their posters to interact with their audience. By implementing QR codes on your poster, consumers can scan the QR code using their smart phone which can lead them to a particular website of your product. Consumers can also use QR code to earn discount on a product, win prizes or to access coupon code. This versatile tool can help you boost your sales and improve customer interaction rates.

When can you use posters?

  1. Posters are a handy tool for rebranding your business. However, it is important that you place your poster in spots and places where your target audience are most likely to see them.
  2. If you’re running a special discount on your product that you would like your target audience to know, you can use posters to reach them to let them know about your price discount campaigns.
  3. New products are being launched faster than ever before and your product can easily be shadowed and not noticed by your target audience. Using posters is one of the most effective ways to advertise your new product launch and to reach your target audience. You can put up your posters at strategic locations to inform your consumers and let them know about your offering.

Where can you use posters?

Posters are very versatile and more affordable than ever before, allowing you to use your poster in many places. They’re great for promoting your business or brand at trade shows and conferences.  Many small businesses also allow you to place your poster at their premises now days.  In return you can negotiate to offer reciprocate in a similar fashion.  Being affordable and versatile, a well-designed poster can help you improve your brand visibility.

Lithography is the most commonly used poster printing process but silkscreen printing, inkjet, flexography, thermography and engraving can are also used for the same purpose.


The ultimate tool for promoting businesses, organisations or event:

With eye-catching graphics and messages, posters are everywhere across the country. Posters are an amazing way to promote special events, special offers, products and more to spread awareness of your business.  With quick turnaround time, businesses can print your poster in full colour or black and white in high quality for you to collect it the same or next day collection. Most businesses also offer next day delivery if orders are placed before certain times of the day. Delivery time might vary during weekend and bank holidays.


Available “A” sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 & custom

Colour: Full colour, Blank & White

Finish: Matte, Gloss, Satin, laminated, hanging

Application: Indoor use / Outdoor use

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