Matte Finish

Matte finish is most popular with short-term use temporary posters as they’re cheaper and affordable than the other two. As they reflect almost no light, they’re perfect for black & white posters. They’re also less detailed posters that are perfect in almost any lighting situation. Matte posters also beneficial for keeping your poster clean from dust and smudges. Premium matte posters are also available at most poster print shops.

Advantages of Matte finish:

 Almost all matte printing are on the budget side as it’s an affordable uncoated paper with rich and deep colours that you would expect from a coated paper. Matte coating is typically popular on 170gsm paper because they’re the cheapest option when it comes to poster printing. Matte is also available in higher grams per square meter but if you’re a student or on a budget we recommend matte coated posters on 170gsm. The readability on a matte paper is superb as there is no shine to interrupt. They’re perfect for outdoor use in harsh sunlight, giving you no reflection. Matte is also environmentally friendly as its FCC certified highly recyclable material.

Key advantages of Matte finish:

  • Non-reflective material
  • Cheap & affordable
  • Uncoated, rich & deep colours
  • Highly recyclable material

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