Blue Back

It’s exactly what it says. Blue back is a poster printing material which is usually white on the front finished with matte, gloss or satin coating with blue coating on the back. The blue coating is designed to block any type of light shining through it so it’s especially useful if you’re planning to stick your poster up on your window. Blue back coating is normally used in bill boards as they’re very useful in blocking harsh sunlight shining through it and disrupting the content on the front. The wide range of budget posters are usually 170gsm which means that they’re too thin to block any light coming from behind, however; this does not matter if you’re planning to stick your poster on a blank wall or on a frame. Blue back posters are also useful if you’re going to stick your poster on top of an existing one or on a notice board on top of other contents on it.

Advantages of Blue Back finish: 

 As the name says, Blue Back material is a type of poster printing paper which is typically white on the front and blue colour coated on the back to prevent light from shining through the paper. This is very useful when you want to stick your poster on a window or over another poster so you don’t see the older poster overlapping onto the new one. Blue back is the most durable material out of Satin and Matte. It is tear-proof, scratch-proof & water resistant. It is currently the industry standard for outdoor signage as it’s water-resistant and reduces shine. This material is very environmentally friendly as its plastic free and FSC certified. This material is typically available from 200gsm weight.

Key advantages:

  • Water-resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Uncoated material
  • Plastic-free

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