A1 Posters

A1 Poster size: 594 x 841mm

Although it’s not the largest poster in the “A” sized poster, A1 is still large enough to make an impact without being overwhelmed by the smaller sizes like A2 or A3. Big enough to contain a few sentence of text readable from a few feet away and a graphic or two, A1 poster printing is an alternative to A0 if you’re limited on space.

You can print your A1 poster on your choice of paper from standard to premium range. Using latest high quality equipment and printing technique, you can print your poster on a choice of matt, gloss or satin finish according to your need.

Latest range of poster printers uses 8-colour HP or Epson ink to print your poster that is perfect for museum quality prints. We recommend A1 for CAD drawings and fine art prints. For extra durability you can choose to add lamination on top of your matte, gloss or satin poster print. A1 poster prints are most likely qualified for bulk discount on large orders with most printers across the country.

A1 Poster Printing in London for:

  • A1 academic posters
  • A1 conference posters
  • A1 event posters
  • A1 university poster
  • A1 PhD posters
  • A1 Student posters

For students and professionals on a budget, there are a verity of paper sizes and finishes to suit your need. We recommend printing your A1 poster on a satin paper as it has a slight texture and shine to make your poster look professional and outstanding in a crowd. It looks amazing under bright lights at a presentation. Matte is also a good option if you need a non-reflective coating on your poster or if you wish to write on it.

The exact size of an A1 poster is trimmed to 594 x 841mm

Explanation of the Finishes on A1 Poster:

  • Matte Coated A1 Paper – This is a non-reflective flat white A1 paper that’s similar to the standard type of home paper most people are used to. Poster printing Matte paper is much thicker than the standard paper which is coated in special white finish to help your poster appear brighter and pop out.
  • Satin Coated A1 Paper – This is a slightly reflective premium A1 photo paper that has a slight texture and ads shine to your poster. It does not reflect as much as Gloss Coated Paper so it’s easy to read under bright lit environments. This is recommended for most professional look.

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